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... 2 years ago
Does it hurt? I wanna do it to mine
The music is annoying omfg 3 years ago
Why. Great vid... but the music.........
Pantyhose lover 2 years ago
It looks as though it's in need of a good sucking and licking now.
Pmplvr 2 years ago
Beautiful, looks like a cock when she's done.
Clit lover 2 years ago
So hot ! I badly want to suck and slap a big clit like yours ... ;)
Ken 2 years ago
Sweet -- I wonder if it hurts or feels wonderful?
3 months ago
I want to make my clito big
Live 4 months ago
Omg I want this pump I bet that feels like heaven. I have a nice fat pink clit that can get so swollen I bet this would make it huge omg I want I want
Tax 1 year ago
What is the name of the pump and who is the manufacturer of it?
Camila 1 year ago
Yo quierooo hacer eso